Woods Snow Blower - 2017

Woods SB84C Snow Blower - 2017

The winter of 2014-15 was ravaging. My farm in North NY obtained 320" of snow and ice-cold temperatures for a month. It was the most awful winter months I would certainly experienced since I bought the property in 2010. During one check out, the snow was so deep I had to use my bulldozer to remove the road.

I have practically every 3pt accessory ever made - except for a snow blower. For the upcoming winter months of 2016, that would certainly change. I received my Woods SB84C in October - with both the hydraulic chute potter's wheel as well as deflector - and after that waited on the snow to begin.

Unlike the previous wintertime, El Nino' patterns made the winter months of 2015-16 the warmest on document and also I just needed to use my new Woods SB84C snow blower as soon as, yet that first storm disposed 18" in one night complied with by an additional 6" the following -Â which sufficed for me to invest hrs with the device and provide you with a thorough review.
Arrangement was a breeze. An easy 3pt link to the back of my 55HP tractor followed by affixing the shaft to the PTO and also ultimately attaching the hydraulics to the back remotes. If you don't have remotes, Woods Tools additionally markets an electric variation or you can simply purchase the hand-operated chute which is basic.
The first day Tests (great snow).
My first 100' worked out up until I hit irregular ground, after that I began to toss crushed driveway stone with the Chute. This was taken care of in 5 mins by readjusting the skid footwears 2-3" below the factory set. Afterwards, I did my whole 1500' driveway in 15 minutes with wonderful results. I after that started on my dust roadways, my barn car park, as well as the limited quarters of the driveway around our house. Every one of these examinations were finished easily.

The Woods Equipment Snow Blower could truly throw the snow. On this 25-degree wintertime day I was getting plumes 20-30' out after I kicked up my RPMs. The first day's snow remained in between a slush as well as powder so it was neither heavy neither light. The results were simply as outstanding with the greater snow totals - It chewed via the snow easily prior to firing it out in a best, uniformed pattern.
After the initial hour I recognized the Hydraulic chute rotator was a must. I extremely suggest either that or the electrical version over the common manual crank. I did discover the Hydraulic chute deflector to be useful, yet it was a high-end and also not as crucial as the hydraulic chute potter's wheel. I pushed the snow with my loader to get a further examination. 

Day 2 Test (Icy snow).
The second day it had transformed chillier and also the softer snow counted on ice overnight. This supplied a much different snow particular to examination. The only distinction I discovered was that the device would push the snow back for a couple of seconds prior to the resistance allowed the augers to do their thing and draw the snow right into the fan. It chewed with the ice without initiative and also moved it quickly.
My number one worry was the unpreventable, ingesting of a rock or ice portion. My home is packed with rocks ranging from golf ball dimension to rocks the dimension of a luggage. While I was certain that any kind of stones pulled up from our crushed rock driveway would certainly be no bigger compared to a softball, that was almost ensured to happen. It didn't take long. I brought up one stone the size of a small foot.

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It was as well huge to obtain attracted right into the chute as well as was harmlessly left behind. However a series of smaller rocks were ingested and also tossed out with the snow. Same with ice portions. They made a few chinks and clacks yet that had to do with it. Attempt to avoid this when possible - and be really conscious of where your chute is sharp considering that the stones and ice will go farther than the snow.
Final thought.
I ended up spending virtually five hours (over 2 days) with my brand-new Woods SB84C snow blower and also I was definitely happy as well as pleased with its performance. It was basic to run, dealt with snow overalls to 24 inches quickly, withstood consumed rocks as well as ice, as well as easily control snow plumes many thanks to the optional hydraulic chute potter's wheel as well as deflector.

Snow blowers, like ground appealing equipment, take a great deal of misuse so make certain you pay close focus to information like a much heavier gauge steel, a four blade blower, as well as hefty duty augers that can handle rocks and also icy chunks without bogging down the system. Every little thing on my Woods system was simple to get to and also straightforward to maintain.
One final note. Be sure to size your snow blower correctly. Like lawnmowers, most snowblowers are big, gas-guzzling, environmentally-unfriendly machines. Woods snow blowers do not need a lots of horsepower to work but they do should be size-matched for the tractor. A good general rule is to pick an unit as large as your machine. In my situation I did one foot larger than my tractor which worked well, yet review it with your supplier and also take thier guidance.